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The inspector prosecutors Dan Popa and Ionut Rotaru, "worthy" representatives of a confuse justice

The yoga school MISA protests again in front of the Prosecuting Magistracy, Bucharest in order to recover the goods abusively taken during the investigations

Bucharest, October 7th, 2004. As a result of sending a memoir to the Romanian Presidency two months ago, the representatives of MISA yoga school were invited to the Prosecuting Magistracy pertaining to the Court of Appeal Bucharest for solving their requests.

During Monday, MISA's president, Nicolae Catrina and the attorney Mihai Rapcea had a long discussion with the prosecutor Dan Popa who promised them that the gradual recovery of goods abusively taken during the searches on March 18th would begin immediately, in the very day of Tuesday. But, surprise - on Tuesday morning when the MISA's representatives phoned to the Prosecuting Magistracy in order to be scheduled for taking back their goods, they received an unexpected answer: the inspector Ionut Rotaru refused to give back the goods to their owners and, moreover, he labeled the promises made only one day ago by the prosecutor Dan Popa as a big lie.

Once more, the prosecutors of the Court of Appeal Bucharest proved their lack of professionalism and honesty regarding the case of MISA and its spiritual mentor Gregorian Bivolaru, trying to delay the return of the goods abusively taken, in the same way as they tried to cover up the abuses of the prosecutors who committed offences in the investigation regarding these files. As usually, the results are yet to be expected and the moral reparation and the return of the goods remain just promises.

Under these circumstances, the yoga school of MISA announces that it will continue the protests until the Prosecuting Magistracy will drop off and present public apologies for the groundless and extremely serious charges made on March 18th 2004 against the MISA yoga school and its spiritual mentor Gregorian Bivolaru until the goods abusively taken will be returned.

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