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Dear member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, European Parliament

Concerning the debate in the Parliament about Romania entering the European Union.

We strongly encourage you to consider some facts about the situation in Romania which are proving that the country is not fulfilling the conditions for membership. Admitting the short notice, we stress the “hot” actuallity of this subject.

A current, concrete case against Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru shows very clearly that Romania is not ready to enter EU. Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is a leader of a popular spiritual movement with more than 40.000 members. He has been politically persecuted in Romania and is therefore currently applying for asylum in Sweden. Mr. Bivolaru is one of the most media-exposed persons in his country, and has been on the frontpages since the blossoming of the movement MISA in the 1990’s.

The Romanian authorithies are trying to cover up the asylum case with a sex-scandal. But the fact remains that this Romanian citizen has a very good asylum case in Sweden showing clearly that the Romanian government is persecuting political opponents and therefore violating basic human rights.

In order to prevent the asylum case from running, Romanian Ministry of Justice opened an extradiction case against Mr. Bivolaru. The case is based on accusations against Mr. Bivolaru for having a sexual relationship with a minor (age 16). But this girl has tried to stress Mr. Bivolarus innocence to the court and media, but she has been refused to be recorded by the court. She claims to have been under substantial physical and psychological pressure while signing the affidavit which is the only evidence in the case against Mr. Bivolaru.

The case against Mr. Bivolaru is a concrete case, supporting the conclusion from Freedom House, Inc. (April 2005) that the level of corruption in Romania is so high that they do not fulfil basic criteria for obtaining EU-membership.

With kind regards
Karsten Fischer
Press Officer, NATHA, Copenhagen
Ph: +45 27 12 14 94

Karsten Fischer letter to the Committee on Foreign Affairs
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