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How a personal drama became a universal hatred

by Maria Nicola

Motto : “Often, we chase illusions instead of facing our own inner world”.
I like to think that I lift myself, somewhere over the world, and I look at it with love and detachment. Everything seems a dark, tormented, distorted turmoil. There are still people who are worth admiring, there are still pure souls, and there is still hope, love and faith. These aspects are more precious as they are rarer. But gazing from above the world, one cannot ignore how, when a light center appears, almost every time the bitter forces of evil, hatred and wrath attack it in a mad way.

Anybody can inflict pain, emotionally, but how many can heal?
It seems that the precipice of the human decadence has no bottom. It is so obvious in the present world! So much drama, so much misery, so much decadence and somewhere at the twisted roots of the world still lives the hope. This tormented era is the one where, with a sincere enthusiasm, and a brave dedication, great souls can sip the entire life’s spirit, in their hearts, and can separate themselves from all this suffering, from all this mess, from this entire meaningless circus. But it is also the era where the perverted souls can fall in the bottomless abysses of stupidity, nothingness, meanness and hatred.

The sheer show of the human nature seems fascinating, but also terrible and full of teachings. What makes people who have equally, in front of their eyes the path of light and the path of evil choose the evil, the darkness, the decadence, when, once they select this option, they choose agony and suffering? Whoever thinks that the vice, the meanness, the perversions, the decadence can lead to goodness and happiness ever, is dreadfully mistaken!

But, of course, it is easier to go with the flow, than swim against the current. It is much easier to follow a herd, than walk on your own. Anybody can cause pain, but how many can heal? It is easy to roll off, but one needs to put an effort to climb the steep slope of the mountain. It is easier to destroy than to build. It is easier to get bitter against something than to build something creative. And, unfortunately, for some people it is easier to hate than to love. The fact that for these last ones is easier to lie than to tell the truth doesn’t surprise anybody anymore.

Among all the persons who build a sad vocation of hating this YOGA school, there is one who seems to have truly explored the abysses of stupidity, wading daily in the darkest, the most desperate and the dirtiest pits of the perversion of the human being. Cecilia Ghitulescu Tiz- the person that we are talking about- is a vivid and pathetic image of the suffering and of the pointless aspect that hatred is impregnating in a fatal way, on the human beings who let themselves poisoned and tarnished by hatred and meanness. Her story is petty, dirty and insignificant. And here we are not referring to her story of a human being. But to the excuses that she is inventing to feed and justify the daily overflows of meanness and stupidity from the site against MISA, out of which she built a way of life already.

Cecilia Ghitulescu Tiz plays the role of a victim
Mainly, if we regard this story full of compassion, she is a woman who was “cheated” by her husband and who provokes a public scandal, partially- so she can appear as a victim. Probably, her husband searched for a lover, because he was exceptionally fulfilled and happy with this flawless woman – the way she thinks she is- and felt the need to share this happiness with the others?! In this case, instead of acting as an intelligent woman and manifesting full of love, trying to amplify certain qualities and to solve her problems in order to harmonize her couple relationship, our little Cecilia chooses to avenge herself. To avenge on anything that she thinks that could make her husband be an independent and vertical man, able to escape his psychotic wife. Frankly speaking, how many persons could live near such a bitter woman, who is on the verge of madness? Especially when they know that they have a choice…

She says that her husband left her. She states that MISA is responsible for this and that this fact destroyed her life. A sad event, but lived probably by millions of women, became an “international tragedy” and thus, she started a war to expose the “guilty ones”. In a similar way, we can imagine Cecilia Sarkozy, ex first lady of France, exposing the immorality of the French politics and of the “Union for a Popular Movement” for the failure of her marriage. The same happens with Mioara Roman, recently divorced from Petre Roman, who probably accuses her ex husband’s new party, as she was publicly cheated by the one along whom she lived a whole life. Adriana Bahmuteanu is probably blaming the dustmen company of Silviu Prigoana, every time she is separating herself from her husband.

Scoundrel – a fake, two faced, intriguer woman

Caught in the amplitude and the intensity of this undifferentiated revenge, this woman attacks bitterly, anything that she thinks it can be the cause of this personal failure, but she forgets to look for the reasons in herself – the only place where she could really find them. The husband, the husband’s friends, YOGA, the YOGA school, the YOGA instructors, the YOGA school leader – Gregorian Bivolaru - all of them are “labeled” one by one, as the scapegoat. Gregorian Bivolaru especially, is demonized, insulted, ridiculed. After years of faking being a yogi, who knows why (as after the separation from her husband she didn’t practice yoga at all), Cecilia discovers that she hates Grieg, and she has been despising him for years. And when he is exposing her attitude of DIRTY BITCH, our Cecilia becomes absurdly proud of this title, otherwise so appropriate for her.

We wonder if she knows what SCOUNDREL means. It means a fake, two faced, vicious, and bastard like individual, scalawag, punk, villain, wretched, loafer, dung, rascal person, or more academically a person without character, callow, and who lacked dignity. From all these alternatives that the explanatory dictionary of the Romanian language offers us, maybe “scalawag” and “loafer” do not fit the context too well, but the others describe perfectly the Cecilia Ghitulescu Tiz’s life and activity. And she is delighted with herself, she states that she is not worthless, a two faced person, an intriguer, a bastard, a person without God. She took upon herself to bring these character features at an archetypal, macrocosmical level, self-entitling “super-scoundrel” and showing, publicly a self portrait where she has little horns and a Halloween outfit (photo, below). But, from her story, Cecilia skipped many juicy details. We would like to know why she didn’t tell ever how she used to beg Gregorian Bivolaru to baptize her child. Or about the innumerous (refused) passes that she made on Him?! All these aspects lack from her “revelations” from the anti MISA site. We wonder, naturally, about her obsession for Gregorian Bivolaru, even if it is negative; doesn’t it hide anything else, actually?

Possessed by demonic entities or informer?

How sad, hysteric and stupid can a person be, if she gets to live only to hate? How much suffering is corroding her days and how many nightmares populate her nights? How can such a joke of a woman raise a child, when there is only poison and venom in her? An investigation of the German social services could establish if she was able to educate her child and what was the source of her income.

If you don’t believe in the reality of the demonic possession phenomena, this one is a pretty convincing example. In fact there are two possibilities. Either she is possessed by demonic entities, or she is in the service of some “terrestrial forces” – namely Romanian Secret Services. And in order not to say that the hypothesis is fantastic, it is worth to know that this person has emigrated during the Communist period. Uncountable archives of the Secret Services prove that the people who have emigrated during that period could do so only if they would accept to offer their services as informers. The passport was being received only after long waiting periods and only in exchange for collaborations with the State Security. In the testimonies gathered in the file for the Communist period it is stated that the Secret Services have created an “instrument” formed from hired officers of Security, and also from informers (partners or agents), who act even beyond the borders of Romania. The people who filed for emigration were blackmailed with the situation of the relatives remained in the country and who were at the mercy of a repressive system when it came for granting them departure visas. We could ask ourselves why would Cecilia Ghi?ulescu Tiz be an exception from such a sad reality.

Overzealous work on the anti-MISA site

Let’s take a look at the activity of Cecilia on the anti-MISA site. More than a third of the posts belong to her, Cecilia being by far the most active of the nine people who maintain the conversations on this website (3 of these have never been to a MISA course before)
This activity of Cecilia seems suspect not only to us. Even one of the participants to this forum is asking her: “Cecilia what kind of job have you got? Are you a house wife? You live of rents, wills? You have reached over 5.100 of postings. How many hours do you spend in the kitchen? What food do you cook? Or just buy only ready meals? When do you have time for your child? To take him to theatre, cinema, opera, concerts, parks, church, cycling, volley, pinball, ice-skating, tennis, etc. Sorry, but you really have no brains if you sacrifice your child for a forum. How many hours do you spend on the forum and how many with the family?”

Cecilia Ghi?ulescu dedicates all her time to fight, in her vision, with an organization which has over 35.000 supporters. Nine people – we speak about the nine members of the forum anti-MISA who own app. 80% posts – try to spoil it for the 35.000. What would be their motivation? Searching for an answer on this site I came across another one of Cecilia Ghi?ulescu’s reply: „And even if I would be paid to write against MISA, what would be the problem? Is this forbidden by law?”

The advices offered by Gregorian Bivolaru

Amongst the messages published by Cecilia, we come across a letter received as an answer from Gregorian Bivolaru and addressed to her. She wrote to him at the beginning of 2005, as she says: „to help me to repair my family, because I have the feeling that I am losing my mind”. The answer received speaks by itself and this is why we offer you here the most important fragments from that letter, to see for yourselves the real situation:

„..it is necessary not to forget that often the evil is in the eye of the beholder. Each time when we have met, I was looking at you in a nice and transfigurating way, yet you were looking at me badly, you were a scoundrel. Here it is not a question of not being able to, it is no need to hide, you indulged yourself in being a scoundrel […] You should know that with regard to strange feelings, there are also others who hate me to death. Beyond this I remain detached and peaceful as all these poisons and miseries do not affect me, because I know well how I really am. I feel for you an immense compassion because you are in such a poor state now; I wouldn’t want to be not even for a fraction of a second in your shoes. […] Be sure that it is almost impossible to accept the help and advice from a person you hate […] Ask someone to do a light offering for you with 21 candles for 49 days, for 21 times. Start fasting on Sundays. Be abstinent for 7 months. Do LAYA YOGA with Tara, in the morning and in the evening, one hour every day for 17 months. Do 150 NAULI, 20 minutes minimum BHUJANGASANA, 15 minutes SHIRSHASANA. Come urgently to Bucharest and take a plant treatment for the state in which you are now. Do color-therapy with the yellow and violet colors alternatively, 45 minutes daily. Go every Saturday in an orphanage and do KARMA YOGA. Take a break in the relationship with your husband for a year and a half. If you will be able to realize this TAPAS, daily and completely, for 4-5 months you will be able to recover; if not you will get from bad to worse, and I don’t want to frighten you, but you could even lose your mind entirely. May God light your mind and your heart while you still have time. You could write me only if you do this TAPAS every day from now on. I wish you good luck”

After I have read this letter it was even clearer to me that this woman, who is wailing about her destiny on thousands of pages written on the internet, has had a choice. She has had a competent advice and a series of YOGA techniques which if she had applied in good time, now she would have looked back with a smile, remembering how tragic her situation seemed. Therefore, where should we look for the “guilty one”?

Translated from www.yogaesoteric.net and published on www.natha.net

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