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Mass media campaign >>> Internet >>> Proofs of the involvement of Secret Services in the activities of propagandistic websites against MISA

Article by Catalin Dobrescu

There is new evidence that proves the involvement of secret service agents and mercenaries in the activities of propaganda websites against MISA.

The administrator of the anti-MISA website (see picture) is the man of Adrian Nastase, who ordered “Christ” operation in March 2004.

We have said many times that the strange propaganda inciting hatred against MISA, which includes intense internet activity aside from the mass media campaign, is financed by the secret services and is part of a systematic war against spiritual movements.

What is the basis of our allegations?
Dan Marinescu
First of all, it is a fact that the propaganda and manipulation of public opinion against MISA are part of a modus operandi that is specific to such situations which has been repeated in other countries following the same pattern. Moreover, European legislation, which is increasingly restrictive with regard to spirituality and spiritual groups, encourages other European states to do exactly the same thing with the help of secret services in order to discredit and try to control spiritual movements. This is something that should make us think.

Secondarily, the fact that there are people who do not seem to have anything else to do but to spend hours and hours daily in order to denigrate MISA, as if they were dedicated “party activists”, proves that to them, the denigration of MISA is a way of life and a ridiculous “rat-like” way of earning their living, as they are being paid for this activity. Additionally, if it is proven that these people did not even attend the Yoga courses, their obsession is even more striking!

The thorough investigations by the editorial staff of YogaEsoteric have brought to light proof regarding the involvement of secret services in the campaign against MISA through certain internet websites. In this way, we presented striking proof regarding the activity of the spy Valeriu Fruntes, who operates undercover as a psychiatrist in France and who was an RSI informer since the time he attended the MISA courses. He has now been “reactivated” and, together with others, he activates with full propagandistic eagerness on his own blog as well as in newspapers such as “Ziua” (The Day – Romanian newspaper) and Gardianul (The Guardian), and also on other anti-MISA websites. However, the article on YogaEsoteric unmasked him – if the information had been false, we would have expected a dignified response. Instead, Valeriu Fruntes erased his blog completely from the internet. This is the first common sense action that he has done, being a unique contribution to cleaning up the virtual public space and we fully appreciate it. At the same time, this action shows once more his real face!

Who is the activist Dan Marinescu?

Today we continue the public exposal and unmasking of the main mercenaries and secret agents that are active in the Internet campaign against the MISA yoga school. An extremely strange key character is Daniel Marinescu-Persu (in the picture, the third, from left to right). He has NEVER ATTENDED THE YOGA COURSES OF MISA YOGA SCHOOL. Paradoxically, but tellingly, the administrator of the main propaganda website against MISA, who also has a consistent advertising role within this website and considers himself an “expert” in the field, has never attended the yoga courses or other activities of the school!

And it is not just us saying this. He declared this himself to the Gandul (the Thought) newspaper. In an articleDan Marinescu 1 signed by Dan Radu and published in Gandul (the Thought) newspaper, on 17th March 2008, it is said that the administrators of the anti-MISA website are Dan Marinescu and Cecilia Tiz. “Dan Marinescu, an experienced yoga practitioner, came to MISA in 2004, when the movement started to be under surveillance. He attended a course by correspondence, but what he saw there left him with a bitter taste in his mouth. Since then, the two have been gathering testimonies of ex-members”, the Gandul newspaper wrote. The expression “experienced yoga practitioner” is extremely strange. From Marinescu’s writings on different occasions, his yoga knowledge is shown to be extremely little. So then, what kind of “experience” does the author of the article refers to when speaking of this character?!

Did journalists consider investigating what the yoga correspondence course is? In that system, each student receives by mail at the address he indicates (at home, post box, etc.) 4 yoga courses per month and other printed materials (for example, the Yoga Magazine). These correspondence students do not go to the yoga hall. Therefore, the only thing Daniel Marinescu-Persu saw, even if he did take the course by correspondence under a fake name (because he was not signed up under this name for our correspondence courses), was his own mail or post box! We do not know what else he has in his mail box that left him such a bitter taste, but it is obvious that he does not have a clue about Yoga and MISA!

Daniel Marinescu-Persu (alias Dan Marinescu, see picture) is definitely the man of Adrian Nastase. Is it just a “coincidence” that exactly four years after the launch of Christ operation – the violent anti-MISA operation, which was a political order of the former prime minister Adrian Nastase, Dan Marinescu is the one that appears in the press and presents himself as a victim, saying that the yogis had bombarded him with negative energy?! Soon afterwards, Adrian Nastase “puts” the information on his blog and whinges, claiming to be the innocent victim!

The businesses of Marinescu

Daniel Marinescu Persu is the general manager of IME ROMANIA SRL and ADISAN NET SRL, the latter Dan Marinescu 3being located at Pictor Luchian Street, no.7, sector 2, Bucharest. The company KLITE PRO SRL, which, according to the National Institute of Research and Development in Informatics, owns the anti-MISA site domain starting on 10 October 2007, is located at the same address. On the anti-MISA website, Dan Marinescu’s user name is “harababura”. Although he is either the general manager or only an associate to six-seven other companies, he still finds enough time to maintain and be the technical administrator of the anti-MISA website. This is in addition to the considerable financial effort necessary for hosting the huge storing space and the significant time spent for untruthful propagandistic discussions.

According to the technical identification information existing on the Internet, Dan Marinescu is the administrator of the domain adisan.ro, which hosts the DNS (Domain Name Server) servers of the anti-MISA website. The same Dan Marinescu administrates www.klite.ro, the website of Klite Pro srl, which is hosted by IME Romania, the company managed by Dan Marinescu. The websites ime.ro and adisan.ro, belonging to IME România SRL and ADISAN NET SRL, have the same internet location and the same technical administrator – Dan Marinescu. The servers of the anti-MISA domain are registered having the IP addresses of a ghost domain called doesntexist.com. In fact, they are hosted by the company ADISAN NET SRL, which owns the entire sub-network of these IP addresses.

This is how Daniel Marinescu Persu, a character that has nothing to do with Yoga or MISA, found the financial resources to support the entire technical infrastructure and paid for advertising a website which, besides propagating and promoting freemasonic ideas as well as those of the Secret Services (Securitate), is of use only for those who denigrate MISA. This website is full of lies and calumnies, it breaks the law regarding copyright and instigates to hatred and discrimination against a spiritual movement which, in reality, has not broken any law under Romanian legislation, whereas this website repeatedly breaks the law, under the lenient eyes of the authorities.

Translated from www.yogaesoteric.net and published on www.natha.net

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