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Mass media campaign >>> Articles regarding Yoga, MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru during 1996


No. Date Newspaper Article Page Author
1. 23 February 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ An AUM center in Durau 19,
Claudiu Hârceagă
2. 25 April 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL In Durau, the yogis are inspired by the Bivolaru’s wisdom,
Yoga, group sex and unpaid taxes.
Eugen Ciufu
3. 7-13 May 1996 PANORAMA The spiritual mission of Romania – the Sundar Singh’s prophecies
Yoga – the art of living(IX)
Valerian Paraschiv
4. 15 May 1996 LIBERTATEA Culture and erotism, in the middle of the road 17,
Iulian Comanescu
5. 20 May 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The servants of Bivolaru are going mad 5
Sorina Vlaicu
6. 20 May 1996 ZIUA Two yogis from Adjud were selling their sperm in little bottles 1 Leonard Munteanu
7. 21 May 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Durau; Our revelations helped to rebuild the resort;
The Ascension of the sect AUM was stopped
9, Panoramic Bogdan Adam
8. 29 May-4 June 1996 PANORAMA "Durau" – the truth about “Amrita” 6,
Dorin Cozma
9. 4-10 June 1996 PANORAMA Especial event at Sarmisegetuza Regia 10,
Dorin Cozma
10. 11 June 1996 VREMEA About Gregorian Bivolaru without prejudices 7,
Teodor Bulza
11. 11-17 June 1996 PANORAMA Yoga – The art of living. We can become clairvoyants. 11,
Valentin Paraschiv
12. 19 June 1996 AZI The Bivolaru’s yogis in the Police’s attention 8,
The reality in our world
13. 19 June 1996 CRONICA ROMÂNĂ Police search to the Bivolaru’s yogis 2,
The today’s news
14. 19 June 1996 CURIERUL NAŢIONAL One hundred followers of Bivolaru tried “to integrate themselves in the Absolute” wearing slips 4,
Valentin Bolocan;
Silvia Văleanu
15. 19 June 1996 LIBERTATEA The Police began in force a search on Bivolaru’s yogis. The followers of Bivolaru opposed resistence and refused to give a video cassette. 1,3
The today’s news
Valentin Zaschievici
16. 19 June 1996 OGLINDA The Bucharest Police made a search at a meeting of a group of yogis close to Bivolaru 11  
17. 19 June 1993 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ A search at the Student Hostel Leu.
Bivolaru’s almost naked followers were taken by surprise
The last news
Radu Anastasiu
20. 19 June 1996 ULTIMA ORĂ Bivolaru’s almost naked followers were taken by surprise   Radu Anastasiu
21. 19 June 1996 VOCEA ROMÂNIEI The Police’s search at the yogis meeting 8,
22. 19 June 1996 ZIUA The illegal group MISA victims’ complaints did not go unnoticed.
40 policemen took Bivolaru Gregorian’s sect by force
The morning express
Cosmin Barbu Stamatov
23. 21 June 1996 COTIDIANUL Incidents at the yoga classes from Leu 3,
Zaharia Stoian
24. 24 June 1996 ZIUA The guru Grieg is mixing yoga and the christian-orthodox religion. Bivolaru asks the yogis to give their salaries to God 12,
The morning express
Răzvan Savaliuc
25. 25 June - 1 July 1996 PANORAMA Gregorian Bivolaru between truth and disputesInternational freemasonary wants to dominate the planet 6-7,
Dorin Cozma
26. 30 June 1996 VREMEA Without prejudices about Gregorian Bivolaru. A relation that made me find the essence of life 11,
The last hours
Z. Stoian
27. 13 July 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Under the sign of the false faith/ The investigations shows that certain sects are very dangerous.
Groups of people immersed in errors, lies and monstrosities
Aida Dănăilă
28. 19 July 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Yesterday, in the morning, taken by surprise. Bivolaru’s sect followers were awakened by the Police’s sirens 8,
Adina Stan
29. 19 July 1996 LIBERTATEA 30 “bivolarians”, were taken to the Police office    
30. 19 July 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The Ferentari region, a new location for the guru Bivolaru 16,
Daily news
Elena Tomulescu
31. 19 July 1996 ZIUA The Police awoke Grig’s folk. 40 followers of Bivolaru were photographed, finger printed and fined 16,
The morning express
Lucian Mătăchescu
32. 20 July 1996 LIBERTATEA 30 “bivolarians” were taken to the Police office 24  
33. 23 July 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL The Association “Elta” thinks that it found the center of the Earth   Traian Trufin
34. 28 July 1996 VREMEA About yoga without prejudicesAn approach to enlightment from the yogi point of view. The letter of a girl who left home 9 Gregorian Bivolaru

Roxana (Florentina)
35. 9 August 1996 VOCEA ROMÂNIEI The yogis played a trick on the Ministry of Education 10,
36. 13 August 1996 INSOLAŢIA The marketplace from the French Gulf 1,3
Toma Roman, jr.
37. 16 August 1996 INSOLAŢIE Pro or against Bivolaru. Initiated (those who pay) and non-initiated in the French Gulf 1 Toma Roman jr.
38. 19 August 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ O nouă unitate de măsură a escrocheriilor – bivolarii;
Tano Carridi – Nu! Caracatiţa – Da!
A new unit of measuring the cons – the Bivolarians.
Tano Carridi – no! The Octopus – Yes!
Petre Mihai Băcanu
39. 27 August 1996 ACADEMIA CAŢAVENCU A flash contest with drinks prizes 2  
40. 27 August1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ A “mirage” Bivolaru – AUM?
The guru from the French Gulf
9, Panoramic Roxana Dima-Vişoiu
41. 31 August 1996 VREMEA The couple sexualy continent, a school for creating a happy life through transfigurating love 9,
Without prejudices
Gregorian Bivolaru
42. 1 September 1996 VREMEA The couple sexualy continent, a school for creating a happy life through transfigurating love   Gregorian Bivolaru
43. 10-16 September 1996 ZEGHEA The “yoga”sexual orgies   Răzvan Savaliuc
Lucian Mătăchescu
44. 10 October 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL The unseen face of Gregorian Bivolaru   Adriana Oprea,
Mira Bălan
12-13 October 1996
JURNALUL NAŢIONAL The guru Bivolaru is no longer president 1, 17
Adrian Oprea,
Mira Bălan
46. 14 October 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL The Movement of the parents to get their children back.
Who touches Bivolaru’s bureau is fined with 5000 lei
Adriana Oprea;
Mira Bălan
47. 21 October 1996 VREMEA The yogis consider that “a gram of practice is worth than tons of theory” 7
Sport and leisure
Elena Dumitru
48. 23 October 1996 VREMEA The vice-president of the district 2, Mr. Adrian Pantazescu declared that the yogis are also citizens of the city 4
Flashes from the life
Elena Dumitru
49. 11 November 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Bivolaru’s yogis look for God in the toilet   Adriana Oprea
50. 12 November 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL Gregorian Bivolaru promised to become a second Rasputin 1-10-11
Adriana Oprea
51. 13 November 1996 POLIŢIA POLITICĂ The demon female from the Bellu cemetery 1  
52. 13 November 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ A lethal name - Bivolaru   Mariana Petcu,
Flavius Popa
53. 14 November 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL MISA is one of the occult forces against nationalism and orthodoxy    
54. 14 November 1996 VREMEA About yoga without prejudices.
Like an obsession: “The Bivolaru phenomenon”
7 Ramona Petrescu
55. 15 November 1996 VREMEA About yoga without prejudices.
Like an obssession:”Bivolaru – a phenomena”
7 Ramona Petrescu
56. 25 November 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Bivolaru, urine and his lessons   Mariana Petcu
Flavius Popa
57. 27 November 1996 JURNALUL NAŢIONAL On the national day of Romania Bivolaru wants to make a spiral in Alba-Iulia    
58. 1 December 1996 UNIREA In a press conference, the prefect Ioan Rus declared clearly: those satanists are not allowed in Alba-Iulia! 12,
The last hour
Nicky Mărginean
59. 29 November –5 December 1996 OBSERVATOR Yoga and Gregorian Bivolaru- the dramas of certain families from Tecuci   Dan Vâţă
60. 4 December 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The fair of Bivolaru   M.P., F.P.
61. 4-10 December 1996 REVISTA 22 Letters, opinions, right to reply 2
Curier 22
Laurenţiu Troia
62. 6 December 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ Bivolaru rapes his under-aged female disciples   Cristiana Terenche, Mariana Petcu,
Flavius Popa
63. 6-10 December 1996 OBSERVATOR The drama of certain families from Tecuci. The yogis from Tecuci 1 Dan Vîţă
64. 18 December 1996 ROMÂNIA LIBERĂ The sect MISA and Bivolaru are throttled 11,

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