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January 2008: The lawsuit against MISA yogis and Gregorian Bivolaru continues with new shocking abuses committed by the judge Matei Dorel George

The judge Matei Dorel George breaks again the penal procedural Code in the laws case brought abusively against Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA members. At the trial on 18th of January at Bucharest Law Court, the judge Matei Dorel ignores completely the laws in force. In a stressed session, Matei Dorel manages to break almost all the basic provisions of the Penal Procedural Code, among them those regarding the guarantee of the right to defence and the legal summons of the parties.

Thus, in the case of one person, summonsed for the first time, who asked an adjournment to hire a lawyer, the judge rejected the request without discuss it, breaking the constitutional right to defence that every citizen has. According to the procedural penal code, the judge was obliged to accept that request. When the defender of Gregorian Bivolaru tried to contest that abusive decision, the judge fined her with 3000 RON!

More, that flagrant abuse made the person, to whom the judge rejected to request to hire a lawyer, recuse the judge - in that moment the judge should have adjourn the session and send the file to the leadership of the Law Court in order to solve the motion to recuse. First experience in justice: the judge Matei Dorel George ignored the motion to recuse and continued the trial, justifying that he "considers the application be formal and abusively made".

Before this, at a trial the judge Matei George committed another abuse and namely he obliged the yogis who chose to hire a lawyer, to have an ex officio lawyer. Today, an ex-officio defender has not come, and as a consequence was issued a 5000 RON fine (unusually big amount for this kind of situations). In the end, the lawsuit was adjourned until the 14th of March.

We remind that the judge Matei Dorel George, has not received at random the case file according to the legal procedure, by computer. The repeated abuses he committed, acknowledges that he has been named for the reason that he was inclined to break the law in order to carry out “the orders”. His attitude in the courtroom, the ironies and threats addressed to the defendants and lawyers are a reason for that judge should be brought to law. The way this lawsuit is being developing confirms the affirmations of the Swedish Justice according to which Gregorian Bivolaru can’t have an equitable lawsuit in Romania!

Any representative of the press has not been present in the hall. A single presswoman from Newsin asked for some information on the phone. The news appeared amazingly fast in the electronic editions of some newspapers that quote Newsin and instead seeing the abuses, point at the fines the lawyers received, without signal correctly the law infringements in that law case. Moreover, Realitatea TV channel, when broadcasting the news at ten o’clock, instead of presenting the events from the law suit, spoke about the erotic movies posted on the site of Guardianul, and broadcasted images from that movie as background. On this occasion, we mention that neither the 95 files about the investigations of the prosecutors from DIICOT (Terrorism and Organized Crimes Investigations Service) nor the Recusatorial Act they brought to instance, don’t contain the least reference to erotic movies.

All this, proves once again that the press presentation of these subjects points at instigating again the public opinion against MISA. It happened the same day when Teodor Melescanu, the interim minister of Justice, refuses to send to DNA the requests for penal investigation against eight former and present ministers, among them Adrian Nastase.

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