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Supported by the Media, the Romanian Police Commits A Serious Abuse Against Gregorian Bivolaru, Nominating Him on the "Most Wanted" List of Europol

MISA press office has taken note of the manipulation of public opinion to which all media and television stations from Romania have rallied on January 29th 2016 regarding Gregorian Bivolaru. Almost all official news channels have announced that Gregorian Bivolaru is listed among the first 57 most wanted criminals of the European Union, alongside the most dangerous terrorists and assasins.

It should be noted that this classification does not come from the EU authorities, as Romanian journalists have hinted, but the responsibility for Gregorian Bivolaru’s nomination on the list, as well as the specification of crimes he has been charged with, belong entirely to the Romanian authorities.

We find, however, a revolting fact, namely the Romanian authorities HAVE FALSIFIED DATA about Gregorian Bivolaru and sent MISINFORMATION to the EU authorities, amplifying in an inadmissible way the reason of his conviction! Thus, consulting the website of Europol, one can see Gregorian Bivolaru is charged with ”sexual exploitation of children and child pornography”. In reality, the Romanian court sentenced him only for ”sexual intercourse with a minor”, but in any case we are not talking about one or several children. There is a substantial difference between the two legal classifications!

Moreover, MISA press office points out that the so-called ”victim of Gregorian Bivolaru” was over 17 years at that time and she claimed throughout the trial that she accused Gregorian Bivolaru of nothing. The young girl also argued that in fact the whole thing was a setup of the prosecutors, being herself traumatized by the latter. One of the many reports of the former minor in this respect, can be viewed here (english dubbing available).

MISA press office emphasized that the information according to which Gregorian Bivolaru would have been convicted for ”sexual exploitation of children and child pornography” is a gross misrepresentation and cannot be attributed to the European authorities, as on the website of Europol itself it is specified: “The content of the website is operated and maintained by the ENFAST national teams of each EU member states.” In other words, the obvious falsification of data belongs to the Romanian police! Given the importance of the action, it is absolutely clear that the dissemination of misinformation is not due to an error, but was deliberate and was intended to damage the image and even the integrity of Gregorian Bivolaru.

Completely ignoring the trenchant abuse committed by the Romanian administration, most Romanian publications took over this misinformation, and distorted them even more. Some editorials added, for example, that “authorities show that Gregorian Bivolaru had sexual intercourse several times with the minors, kept them in a state of slavery and exploited them sexually.”

It is more than significant to note that both the Romanian police and media reiterated against Gregorian Bivolaru charges related to trafficking, respectively “sexual exploitation of children” (the Police) and “kept the minors in a state of slavery” (the media).

Public dissemination, especially the official line (in the case of Police) of these allegations represents an even greater abuse, since in February 2015 a court in Romania (the Cluj Court) established that the accusations were groundless! More specifically, in motivating the verdict, the court showed that “The inconsistency of evidence and the absurdity of accusations in the indictment prove the repressive nature of the authorities’ action”.

Even so, if we exclude the rigging allegations for which Gregorian Bivolaru has been sentenced to six years in prison, his nomination by the Romanian police as being at the top of the most dangerous criminals in Romania is completely unfair! Consulting the website of the Romanian police referring to the most wanted criminals in the country, it can be observed that of the 41 people listed, at least 15 of them received much harsher sentences than Gregorian Bivolaru.

For those people, we are talking about “capital murder” (21-year prison term), “weapons and ammunition offenses” (18-year prison term), “cheating and forgery” (17-year prison term), “high risk drug trafficking” (15-year prison term), and others!

Why is the conviction of six years of Gregorian Bivolaru for “sexual intercourse with a minor” appreciated by the Romanian authorities as more serious than a terrible crime, sentenced to over 20 years’ imprisonment? And why were dozens of publications quick to broadcast the news that Gregorian Bivolaru would be “one of the most dangerous criminals in the EU”, but not one of the “prestigious” journalists and TV reporters did a minimum analysis in order to clarify the high inconstancies of the case?

As far as inconstancies are concerned, MISA press office recalls that the authorities from another EU member state, Sweden, have a completely different view of the case of Gregorian Bivolaru. The Swedes have granted him political asylum just because they have found that he is subjected to systematic persecution in his country. Also, the legal situation of Gregorian Bivolaru has attracted the attention of dozens of MEPs and international organizations of human rights, who have questioned the Romanian authorities several times about the blatant abuses to which he was subjected.

Returning to the list of Europol, it is naive to believe that the dissemination of misinformation by the Romanian media, which ignores a number of abuses (or even contributes greatly to them) is just an accident. On the contrary, this tacit coalition of the journalists rather indicates a public lynching, executed under an order, which aims fiercely at the destruction of Gregorian Bivolaru.

If not so, we wait for the reaction of honest journalists to repair the damage done by disseminating the false and manipulative information we have referred to.

MISA press office
31 January 2016

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