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I, Stine Andersen, Vesterbragade 57, DK-1620 Kobenhaun V, Denmark, cpr. Nr. 200879-166, passp.no

Hereby declare, that the Romanian police on 2004 March 18, in the morning broke in the house where I was staying, str. Turturica 123, Bucharest.

They did it brutally, kicking in a window on the first floor with machineguns and masks, not making clear that they were police, but going a scary impression. Under screaming, yelling and much tumult they gathered us first in my room, later in the yard. They scared me very much because they were brutal and threatening in their attitude, like they wanted to shoot us, acting in a terrorist-like manner, not declaring their reason for coming and treating us this way.

They didnít allow us to put on clothes or take any belongings, and didnít tell us about where we are going or what would happen to us, or why. It was very offending and ruthless.

After making us wait in a room and the yard for several hours and making us write our data and give our ID-s Ė they also took my money, but I managed to get it back Ė they put us, mashed together in their car, without telling us where they would take us. They took to the Police station where we again waited for hours. They took me with a Romanian girl to give a declaration. Two policeman was asking me questions in Romanian, trying to make the girl to translate for me, since they didnít speak any word English themselves. They didnít listen to my inquiry for a translator, and at last I refused to talk to them. They treated us disrespectfully. Then they made me wait long time again, and finally they took me in a room with several police officials, where they were again wrote details from my passport and asked me questions. They never told what was the reason for their inquiry and keeping us under their command. Finally they brought us back, but the police was still controlling the house, not allowing us to go to our rooms. They made a big mass searching in our room , still not telling what they searched for. I felt very frightened and abused throughout the entire day by the police, and never got an explanation for this search was about at all.

According to the TV, the reason for this had to do with drugs, prostitution and gambling

I declare that I never practiced prostitution, taken drugs, gambled or done anything criminal.

Data: 19.03.2004

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