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Abuses persecutions and threats >>> WHO PULLS THE STRINGS: Politicians

Four examples of public statements from highly ranked officials, a deputy belonging to PSD parliamentary group (leading party at the date of the events), the president of the National Federation of Civil Servants and a PD senator. The first requests in 2 parliamentary debates drastic actions against Gregorian Bivolaru, using injurious words as well, the second announces a "witch hunting" by the authorities against yoga practitioners working in Ministries and state departments and the fourth asks that MISA should be declared illegal so that "the state institutions could do their job better".

1. Speech of deputy Raj Tunaru on 23 March 2004
2. Speech of deputy Raj Tunaru on 12 October 2004
3. Bogdan Draghici, president of National Federation of Civil Servants
4. Speech of deputy Radu Tirle on 12 June 2006

B. DEPUTIES FROM OPPOSITION DENOUNCE THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE RULING PARTY Two examples of public statements of MP's from opposition denouncing the anti-MISA campaign as an attempt to divert public attention from real problems of Romanian society, by offering false targets both to the press and to the common people.

1. Speech of deputy Gheorghe Nicolaescu on 6 April 2004
2. Speech of deputy Corneliu Ciontu on 8 February 2005

A.1. Parliamentary Debates - Chamber of Deputies, March 23, 2004
This is a translation directly from the website of the Romanian parliament. Read the original here

Mr. Raj Alexandru Tunaru, Deputy – expressing his dissatisfaction about the non solving of Gregorian Bivolaru case

Mr. Chairman,
We are a country which is preparing to join the European Union. We are a country which is a member of N.A.T.O. We are a democratic state which has a police and other seven impotent structures in front of a "schizophrenic", a "genetic mutant", both in the literal and figurative meaning. I am talking about Gregorian Bivolaru, this psychopath who did everything he wanted on the territory of our country, for over 14 years, and the institutions above mentioned have succeeded in catching this wretch three days ago.

How is this possible, my colleagues, how is it possible that this wretch who, because of the serious deeds he committed, 39 young people ended in psychiatric hospitals, other few hundreds are taking drugs and dehumanize themselves by drinking human urine and making group sex. This "Satan with a face of Satan" is, I consider, as dangerous as Ramaru, Dr. Hanibal etc. Is it possible that hundreds of thousands of employees of the above mentioned institutions and the thousands of prosecutors and judges let this villain do everything he wants in this country and destroy the life of hundreds of thousands of young people, under the aberrant excuse that the self-called "Gregorian Bivolaru" and his sect M.I.S.A., were not subject of any complaint.

They did not hear about self-intimation. Rumours say that among "monster's" followers there are children of prosecutors, judges from the Bucharest Court of Appeal and yesterday I received calls from two editors who asked me if I have heard about the warrant of arrest and if behind this sect there was any member of the Parliament or a Minister. I answered dryly that I do not know, but that I can expect anything if this wretch, whom we might resemble to a "terrorist", considering the victims he makes wherever he goes, has been left in peace and liberty for 14 years. I insistently ask the investigating authorities, especially the General Prosecutor of Romania, to immediately issue a warrant of arrest - according to the valid legislation, and which afterwards must be prolonged by judges, according to the law, until the necessary evidence to arrest this wretch will be gathered. Only this way we will save other hundreds of young people of this scoundrel and, God forbid, even our own children, because the villain has a weakness for those children whose parents may be blackmailed, so that he can escape the punishment of the law.

Moreover, he must be arrested immediately because there are clear signs that many parents who found out from the press about what this "Satan" has done to their children, want to make their own justice, this including even to lynch the villain.

A.2. Parliamentary Debates - Chamber of Deputies, October 12, 2004
This is a translation directly from the website of the Romanian parliament. Read the original here.

Raj Tunaru – request for the resignation of the President of Romania; a return to the unsolved issues of "MISA scandal"

2. I come back on my political declaration made 3 days after MISA-Bivolaru scandal, whereby I drew attention most seriously that at that date I had information about the direct of indirect involvement of magistrates or magistrates' children, dignitaries, other public persons, into this sect called MISA.

This is way this "Satan-faced" man managed to do for 14 years whatever he wanted in this country, while the competent authorities pretended not to notice.

At that date I also requested that the investigation of this miserable be done with him imprisoned, since I had clear indications he intended to escape Romania. This thing did happen, but even then he could not be arrested, being released after a few tens of hours on procedural grounds, but in fact the reasons were different, namely the blackmail of this bandit over the member of his sect who worked in the judiciary, prosecutors' office, police, or other important state institutions.

And now my words proved real, although ignored at that time by those who should have taken notice and react. Now that my statements were partially confirmed since a judge admitted that she was and is a MISA member, I request with the full authority given to me by the Constitution of Romania the reaction of the General Prosecutors' Office, of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy, in order to discover all magistrates, dignitaries and highly ranked civil servants who are involved directly or indirectly (through their children or first degree relatives) in this illegal movement of a sect kind, and, in the same time, the beginning of the legal proceedings in order to ban this sect and other similar ones.

The sooner this will be done, the more people, especially minors, who became willingly or unwillingly victims of these sects, and especially of MISA, will be rescued from drowning (morally and spiritually). [...]


By DANIEL GORGONARU - "Ziarul" Newspaper, 31 March 2004

The president of the National Federation of Public Servants, Bogdan Draghici (photo), made yesterday a series of shocking disclosures about the protection that MISA enjoyed from several important public clerks, belonging especially to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

"Mr. Draghici, how many MISA adepts do you reckon to find in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration?"

"Tens of clerks, throughout the whole country. MISA members didn't get into this Ministry only, but into others such as the Government General Secretariat. We are now gathering data from all our branches and we will make them public in the shortest time"

"Are we to understand that now you do not have specific names?"

"Yes, we do. But we need to check all information and to give a full picture of the situation. Which, I repeat, is very serious."

"How high did MISA penetrate in the administration?"

"Up to highly ranked civil servants as concerns the adepts, and in terms of influence up to dignitaries. Our inquiries will focus especially on Bucharest , since people from the center, from the Government, were the main suppliers of protection for Bivolaru."

"What was this protection against? Why was MISA interested to have influence to this high level?"

"The protection was mainly economic. Companies of key MISA members or Bivolaru adepts were performing illegal economic activities. For these services, which included protection and information from inside the state departments, the clerks received material benefits."

"Are we to understand that the clerks adepts of MISA joined it only to follow their interests?"

"Obviously some of them may have been attracted by yoga concept. But they don't do yoga at MISA, they do completely different things. Unfortunately we don't believe they were victims, rather beneficiaries. Some of them may have chosen instead of money other rewards."

"Sexual ones?"


"Why are you disclosing these things right now?"

"I took a stand against MISA in the past as well. But now, following the new information we got about members of the administration who are adepts of this organization, we decided to dig deeper and find out the size of this phenomenon."

A.4. Parliamentary Debates - The Senate, June 12, 2006
This is a translation directly from the website of the Romanian parliament. Read the original here.

Mr. Radu Tirle, Senator - about the MISA meeting at Herculane.

Dear colleagues,

I will pay your attention to an event that has taken place the past month at Herculane. It is about MISA meeting, this sect that in a Romanian translation means pornography and prostitution, the central press and from different counties pointed to the orgies and horrors that occurred there.

That’s why I consider it pertinent to announce you about this sect that spoil our young people and promote different antisocial, antinational, antichristian, anti-Semite and xenophobe acts and actions, etc.

I will specify that both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police sensed it and at the present moment make investigations to find out other offences that this sect is charged with, and I think it’s time that, both the legislative and the government should seriously inquiry what happens there and with these people, because it seems that they are found wanting of other offences, like: terrorism, human trafficking, tax evasion.

I consider it’s the moment that this movement was declared illegal, so that the state institutions could do their job better.

Thank you

B.1. Parliamentary Debates - Chamber of Deputies, April 6, 2004
This is a translation directly from the website of the Romanian parliament. Read the original here

Mr. Gheorghe-Eugen Nicolaescu – about "reaction of state authorities" in "more or less obvious cases of corruption" (Deputy of PNL, National Liberal Party – in opposition at that date)

Romania was severely criticized by the European Union, but also by the population, who notices the corruption is extended and the public life is deeply affected by a generalized corruption. The Government engaged its responsibility in the Parliament on a set of laws, in our opinion imperfect and incapable of effectively contributing to the reduction of corruption. Day after day, the local and national press, the political opposition brings forward many obvious cases of corruption, but the reaction of the authorities is pale and usually superficial, with stutters that suggest that no more can be done and that certain people must be left alone.

We often see a struggle between the representatives of the power and the past, the previous government, but also threats to the political opponents. While the corrupt persons continue undisturbed their business, the people and the press are actually dealing with the false targets offered by those with the power. The most conclusive example was the Bivolaru- MISA case .[...]

B.2. Parliamentary Debates - Chamber of Deputies, February 8 , 2005
This is a translation directly from the website of the Romanian parliament. Read the original here

Mr. Corneliu Ciontu, Deputy – intervention with the title "the scandal and the Romanians" (Deputy of ‘Romania Mare' Party – in opposition, both during the previous legislative session and during the current one)

During the last few years, the Romanian society has come to function on the basis of scandals. For all our failures there is a media bomb that offers the guilty persons: Guru Bivolaru, Colonel Trutulescu, judge Lungu. Each week there is a public enemy, an escaping goat for all the Romanian unhappiness. We blame for a few days Adriana Iliescu for giving birth at the age of 67, but in the rest of the time we have no idea about the hundreds of children begging on the streets in the open. We get mad if the daughter of a Gipsy King marries at the age of 14, but we yawn with boredom when our neighbour upstairs beats his son. We do not love our life-partners but we get involved body and soul into the lives of celebrities. After all, we only believe in what is public, what we see on TV, what is in the press. And in order to deserve the attention of the press, the news must have a scent of scandal. [...]

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