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Gregorian Bivolaru was sentenced and jailed for political reasons during the communist regime

The Bucharest Tribunal solution for the file no. 48765/3/2010: The Court decided that Gregorian Bivolaru was politically persecuted and communists dictated all his convictions before 1989 Revolution. Gregorian Bivolaru was innocent for all the supposed crimes for which he was tortured and imprisoned.

Below there are some significant document fragments from the archives of the communist secret service Securitate:


In the Table drawn up in the year 1987 by DSS (State Security Department) (no.360/00349/1987) with 366 persons adepts of the Transcendental Meditation, there were only two cases in the comments column where the persons in cause may be considered dangerous for the government. One of them was Gregorian Bivolaru: "A yoga Teacher known for his hostile manifestation. Arrested. Investigated through DUI by SMB.130."


The decision no.1253 of 27th of August 1982, of the Office’s Executive Board of the National Council for Physical Education and Sport:

"Analysing the conclusions of the specialists group of CNEFS (National Council for Physical Education and Sport) and the organizations dealing with their activities in our countries;
Analysing the measures proposed for preventing some injurious exercises to the sport activity;
The Office’s Executive Board of the National Council for Physical Education and Sport, decides:

The sections of the National Council for Physical Education and Sport, the Territorial Councils of the sport movement, the clubs of the sport associations dealing in the sport movement, are responsible for the fulfilling of the hereby decision’s provisions."


BCECNEFFS (Office’s Executive Board of the National Council for Physical Education and Sport)
Ch. IX – The improvement and the maintenance of the school sport equipment – the last section: “It is completely forbidden to let the gymhalls to other sport groups, who conduct forbidden activities as: BUDO, KARATE, YOGA.”>


Operator no.3223

The Ministry of Home Affairs/State Security Department/1st Section
141/DG/0051036 of April 1989

The information got lately about the persons that entered in the group “Transcendental Meditation”, shows that majority of them gave up to such preoccupations and adopt a reserved attitude, intend to rehabilitate, repenting for their activity.

Some individuals with influence and famous, as Bivolaru Gregorian, Chiaburu Constantin and Brodeala Natalia from Bucharest, Mirtz Eugen from Bacau and Catrina Nicolae from Pitesti, began again their activity, forming groups that act independently, co-opting new adepts.

From these, the most active is the group led by Gregorian Bivolaru, that is formed of 32 persons and act according to the principle of complete conspiracy, with branches in Bacau and Pitesti, and with a system of relations abroad still being ­developing.

Bivolaru Gregorian, investigated in the file of informative pursuit by the Intelligence Service of Bucharest mun., is 37 years old, politically neutral, with high-school studies, (…), sentenced more times for common deeds (diffusion of obscene materials, the practice of a profession and the diffusion of some newspapers without authorisation) the last time sentenced to 1 year and 6 months of reformatory imprisonment for the offence of prison-breaking, being put free on 17.10.1985.

After being set free, he kept developing clandestine his activity at “Transcendental meditation”, (…), and for this reason - in July 1986 – he was warned with the help of the Section for Penal Investigations, and the created group had been disintegrated.(…)

From data in course of verification, it comes out that the above mentioned has relations with the former members of the “Transcendental Meditation”, abroad after the year 1982 and residing in different occidental countries, from whom he receives, illegally, books and other material with a harmful content.(…)

On the purpose to prevent the development of the ideas and the harmful exercises by the anarchical groups “Transcendental Meditation”, especially of the practice “Tantra Yoga”, as to avoid that on this account, they didn’t initiate actions with an antisocial and hostile character, the Intelligence Service of Bucharest, Bacau and Arges, will act as it follows, in order:

The 1st Section, together with the 4th Section, will coordinate the realisation of these measures, following to make a report on the results.

Section’s Chief
Colonel Ratiu Gheorghe

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